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Welcome to the Chat11 Wiki !

[The Bible Story - The Best Bible Education For Children And Adults]

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Hosted by Garnet

This home page is locked from editing... You can go to any of the following pages and add your new pages there:

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[Comparison positions statements of United States Presidential Candidates for 2008] Some MindFreedom articles... Articles About The Pope and The Vatican AvatarArticles ... Links to SubmarineBooks ... FunnySafetyWarnings .... TelemarketerPhoneNumbers ... HumorTheOnion ... Phil Henry Show ... Website Promotion ... Funny Google Ads ... Interesting Software That I Want ... Interesting Web Sites That Have Disappeared ... Some of my bookmarks and favorites .. Debugging Utilities ... Aliens At Wright Patterson Air Force Base ... Garnet's Interesting Articles ... Music Things To Figure Out ... Art Bell Show Notes ... Windows XP News ... Michael Savage Show ... Random Articles ... Sarah's Bookstores ...

Special recommendations:

You can add anything you want to the Chat11 Site through this system. See the Instructions for more information. See WhatIsaWiki .

Or follow these instructions... If you would like to have your own home page, go to the Preferences page, and enter a user name, and your email address. Change any other options that you want, and then click on the "Save" button. You can then go to HomePages and create your own home page.

I have been making a bookmark collection at [Garnet's Bookmarks]?Create. You are welcome to contribute a link to your website there.

I hope you enjoy this Collaborative Project .

More about this wiki: WhyThisWikiIsDifferent

Experiments can be found on this: TestPage

Here are some more ideas about how you can use the Chat11 system:

A number of websites are now using Chat11 as their official discussion forum. They would like to invite you to learn about their sites, and participate. Here are just a few of them:

Some new wikis:

And here are some individuals with personal pages on the wiki:

NOTE: You can not edit this page, but you can edit almost every other page in this system. Look for the "Edit this page" link. So have fun!

Garnet's New Feature Sandbox Watch this space for advance news of new features... Contribute to the NewFeaturesWishlist

16 January 2004: Finished more extended keywords for linking to Amazon. See HowToLinkToAmazon for more details.

19 January 2004: Easily transfer your wiki pages to this wiki! This wiki now has ability to import text from almost any other wiki. See HowToImportFromOtherWiki

20 January 2004: Convert all the Amazon ASIN numbers in a page of Amazon search results to the HowToLinkToAmazon syntax. See How To Get A List Of Amazon Books . Very powerful, a true force multipler! Condense an hour of work into less than a minute!

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